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This Sunday sees our club in two Norfolk County semi finals. The Durham Cup ( NCBA ) we are playing Wootton Park at Holt 11.30 start. The Jermy Cup ( NBA ) we are playing County Arts at R G Carters 10.00 start. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH SQUADS.


Sunday the 18th July was Presidents day. The whole day is dedicated to raising funds for the resident Presidents, Geoffrey Upton, chosen charity which was, “The Daisy Garland”.

The weather was brilliant, the food (catered by Tony and Kath Pinder) was excellent. There were various fund raising schemes going on throughout the day, raffle, number of sweets in a jar, guess the weight of the cake, target bowls to name but a few. There was also the important   “Presidents Plate” competition to play for, won by, guess who? the President, Geoffrey Upton.

The whole day was an outstanding success and a grand total of £765 was raised for “The Daisy Garland”. I would like to thank all members and guests who attended on the day, and of course those who were unable to attend for their unbelievable generosity.



Club Events

The program of club events has bee posted, with the proviso, that due to the ongoing problem of the pandemic there may well be some changes. So, our first update is the cancellation of.

Notfolk Ladies v Nott’s Ladies on Tuesday 25th May. any further changes to our planned program will be posted.

Opening of The Green

At last, some good news amid this awful covid pandemic. We now have the green light to commence outdoor bowls.

Instead of an opening day we will have an opening weekend, this will be the weekend of Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of April. We have decided on two days as this will help to spread the number of bowlers at the club at any one time. On both days the club will be open from 12.00hrs, this will enable old and any new members to complete the necessary admin and pay their dues and of course, very important, to have your free glass of wine and a game of bowls should you so desire.

We are looking forward to welcoming back all our regular members and especially any new bowlers/non bowlers. If you have never bowled and would like to give it a go why don’t you come along, we can supply all necessary equipment you will need and we have a qualified coach who runs regular coaching sessions.

Come on give it a go, guaranteed you will love it.

End of the season

End of the season is here, the green closed on Saturday. In spite of the dreaded Covid19 we have had a really good half season of bowling. Our Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and Friday evening roll up sessions have been very well attended and I think, enjoyed by every one who participated. We have also managed to organize a restricted club competition program ( superbly managed by our Club Captain Trevor Oakey) which ran from August through September with finals weekend being held 26/27 September.

Due to the present situation we extended the closing of the green by one week to Saturday    3rd October but also included on this day were the “Presidents Day” and “Presentation Day”. Presidents Day raises money for the Presidents chosen charity which is “The Stroke Unit”  Queen Elizabeth Hospital and in spite of the weather over £300 was raised on the day, well done to all club members who attended or donated.

Congratulations to all who competed in the competitions.                                                               The retiring President (Lesley Stringer) and the President 2020/2021 (Geoff Upton) presented the trophies to the winners of the club competitions we managed to hold this year, the winners were as follows.


2 Bowl Singles – Audrey Porter.  4 Bowl singles – Linda Oakey.                                                        Pairs – Audrey Porter & Marian Upton.


2 Bowl Singles – Geoff Bonnick.  4 Bowl Singles – Geoff Bonnick.                                                    Pairs – Alan Clarke & Geoff Upton.


Open 2 Bowl Singles – David Mitchell.  Mixed Pairs – Helen Young & Geoff Upton

So we look forward to next years bowling (hopefully we will be back to some sort of normal) so the opening of the green will be Saturday 10th April 2021.

Stay safe every one and we will see you next year.

Closing of the green

Because of the short season caused by the Convid 19 virus the committee have decided to extend the bowling season by one week. The closing of the green will now be                    Saturday the 3rd of October.

The committee have also decided that The Closing of the Green will also incorporate     “President’s Day” and  “Presentation Day”. The club will be open from 12.00 hrs on the day and Kath & Tony Pinder’s famous BBQ will be operating where burgers and hot dogs will be available.

All the usual fund raising activities will be taking place and all proceeds from the day will go to the President’s charity which is.



We are going to introduce some competitive bowling as well as the social bowling that is taking place at the moment. The committee felt that it would be a good idea to have some bowling that had a little edge, to that end we are going to hold some club competitions.

We feel we just have enough time to manage a selected range of competitions (completing by last weekend September). So, the competitions we are going to run are as follows.

MENS:-  4 bowl singles,  2 bowl singles,  pairs.

WOMENS:-   4 bowl singles,  2 bowl singles,  pairs.

MIXED:-  pairs,  open 2 wood singles.

You can enter by adding your name to the lists on the clubhouse notice board, if you can’t get to the clubhouse, contact a committee member and they will take your selection, closing date for entries is the 31st July. Please note because of the limited time available to us we will be strict on the closing date for entries.

Social bowling so far (in this restricted season) has been excellent, everyone has played their part and nearly all our sessions have been fully attended. These competitions, will hopefully add a little more fun to the rest of our season.

Enjoy the rest of the season everyone.



Opening of the green update.

Do not forget the green opens for bowling on Monday the 22nd June. Initially we will be operating with a singles format (unless there are more than two from the same household). The procedure for booking/playing is in the previous news post.

However, good news, the government has eased restriction a little further since the last news post. We can now play all formats up to triples as long as we can meet the government guidelines, which we can easily do.

So the last day of the singles format will be Sunday the 5th July. We will then run our social roll ups starting Tuesday 7th July. Roll ups will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 14.00hrs to 16.00hrs and Friday 18.30hrs to 20.00hrs.

Unfortunately we still have a huge list of procedures/guidelines we must follow, so we will be restricted to 18 bowlers per session (3 rinks of triples). All procedures previously stated will remain in place. You must book your session by telephone using the club number                  01553 675766 bookings will be restricted two 2 weeks in advance if you are bowling at the club you can book your place with the committee running the session.

Rink fees remain the same and membership remains the same.

Watch this space, it is a fluid situation and restrictions change almost daily so by our first phone call on this Monday things may have changed again.

Look forward to seeing you all on the green starting 22nd June.




Opening of the Green

Good news, the government has eased restrictions slightly. So we are now able to open the green for bowling and our green will be opening on Monday June 22nd.

However there are strict government/Bowls England guide lines we must follow so please do not just turn up at the club. We will be operating a booking system which means you will have to telephone and book your session. There will be no league bowling or roll ups it will be bowling on your own or singles i.e against another member.

Bookings will be done using the club telephone only (01553 675766) and the booking system,  for the first week will be open Monday 15th June to Sunday 21st June 10.30 to 12.00.  After the first week, booking will be available from 10.30 to 20.00 seven days a week.

There are 5 pages of guidelines we must follow,. so I will not go through them on this post, but we will be contacting all members by telephone to ensure that when you are bowling you will be complying with guidelines.

If you do need further clarification call, Secretary Geoff Bonnick  01553 673080 or Club Captain Trevor Oakey 01553675866.

Coved 19 Update

Following the last update (suspending the opening of the green)events have moved on somewhat.

The latest situation is, both codes of bowling, Bowls England and Federation have cancelled all county league bowling and all competitions for 2020. All local leagues that we take part in have either cancelled or suspended (awaiting further developments) fixtures for 2020.

We will be following government direction and hopefully restrictions will be lifted before the end of summer. If we get the opportunity to bowl we will be bowling.

So, if we are lucky  enough to start bowling this summer we will keep you informed by telephone this website and the local press. Keep safe everyone and hope to see you on the green very soon.