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End of Season

We have had our AGM, Presentation Dinner is at the Ffolks Arms on Sunday the 28th October that’s the end of the season, see all members and any new members (you very welcome) April 2019.

Club Competitions Finals Weekend

First weekend in September was the club finals weekend the weather over the two days was brilliant, the succesful bowlers were.

Ladies 4 wood singles      Linda Oakey

Ladies 2 wood singles      Audrey Porter

Mens 4 wood singes         Geoff Bonnick

Mens 2 wood singles        John Abbott

Open 2 wod sngles          David Mitchell

Ladies pairs                      Anne Rogers,  Sue Olsen

Mens pairs                        Laurence Scott,  Richard Bunton

Mixed Pairs                      Helen Young,  William Taylor-Bennett

Ladies triples                   Lena Skiller,  Maralyn South,  Helen Young

Mens triles                       Chris Moore,  David Mitchell,  Geoff Upton

Fixed jack                         Geoff Bonnick

Well done to all bowlers who took part over the weekend.



Bedford Priory Friendly

It was King’s Lynn turn to host the annual friendly with our friends from Bedford. Unfortunately the weather was not brilliant, but we did not let that dampen our spirits. As usual we had a competitative/friendly, I think we all had a great afternoon of socialising and bowling. The result? King’s Lynn 3 rinks Bedford 3 rinks, thanks for your company Bedford we look forward to next year when we will meet you on your green.

Ron Pond Trophy

Another days bowling held in blistering heat. The “Ron Pond Trophy” is a mixed triples competition and a keenly but friendly battle resulted in Jane Hately, Lena Skiller and Pat South being the winning block and now the proud holders of the Ron Pond Trophy 2018. Well done to everyone who competed in the extreme heat ( where is that rain).

N.C.B.A Semi Finals and Finals

Norfolk County Bowls Association will be holding their semi finals and finals on our bowling green. Semi’s will be held on Sunday the 15th July and the finals on Sunday the 22nd July. Bowling starts at 9.30 am on both days, why not come along have a beer or cup of tea and enjoy watching a quality two days of bowling.

Gents v Ladies

Return match of the one played earlier in the season, so the ladies were looking for revenge. The match was played in blistering heat but still fiercely contested. Unfortunately the ladies lost a closely fought contest with the men winning 3 rinks to 1. Like Arnie ladies, “You Shall Return”

Holt & Hockwold Friendlies

Little late in reporting. Both Holt and Hockwold the weather was fantastic, hospitality was second to none bowling was brilliant, results do not matter we just two wonderful games of bowls. Thank you Holt and thank you Hockwold.

Cromer Marrams Friendly

First friendly of the season, once again we had a great time at Cromer. Weather was beautifuly sunny but a very chilly NE wind kept bowlers wrapped up. We all enjoyed our fish and chips, however Cromer got the better of us on the green winning on four rinks with one to us and one drawn. But the result was not important we just had a wonderful time and as usual Cromer’s hospitality was second to none. Looking forward to a return match next year.

Ladies V Gents

First club competition of the season. Brilliant sunny day temeratures way up, and the Gents just managed a win 3 rinks to 2. However the result was secondary to everyone enjoying a little friendly rivalry and an excellent afternoon bowling. Well done to the Gents.

Opening of the Clubhouse and Green

What a day!! The weather did not let us down, best day so far this year, 70 plus members, guests and new members were present for the opening of the clubhouse. The official opening of the clubhouse was performed by the mayor of KL&WN Carol Bowers and an excellent job she did ( a special lady). Thanks to every one for their patience waiting for both photographers to get their subjects in exactly the right positions. A plaque was then presented to the club from Bowls England represented by John Ottaway (Secretary Norfolk Bowls Association). Followed by hot dogs and burgers for the hungry masses. The next stage of the proceedings was for President Kath Pinder to officially open the green allowing for all seven rinks to used by bowlers. Finally the committee and members made Linda Oakey, Trevor Oakey and Geoff Bonnick life members in recognition of their commitment to the refurbishment of the clubhouse. What a day!!