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Denton Ladies League

Well done to the King’s Lynn ladies who were succesful in winning the Denton Ladies League. Another close fought competition with the King’s Lynn ladies needing to win 6-0 to win the league in their last game away to Downham Cons ladies, congratulations to all the ladies who represented King’s Lynn in the Denton League.

Hansells Cup

The mens fours (EBA) won the West two division, and therefore qualified for the Hanells Cup. The Hanells Cup is played for by the four (East, South, West and North) division two winners. The competition was held at Wymondhm Dell Bowls Club, King,s Lynn playing Scole & District in the morning semi final wiinning by one shot only. We then played Hingham Recreation in the afternoon final winning by two shots,
both extremely close games. So King’s Lynn are the proud holders of the Hansells Cup 2017. Well done to all the bowlers who played for the mens fours throughout the season.

The Brenda Whiley Trophy

The Brenda Whiley Trophy is a drive competition, well done to Marian Upton who was victorius on the day in a very close contest, beating Pat South, both held thirty two shot and Marian winning on shot difference only, well done Marian!!

The Ron Pond Trophy

Sorry we are late with our updates but our computer has not been well, it’s better now.
The Ron Pond Trophy is a mixed triples competition, this year the foemat was two groups of four teams each playing one another the winner of each group playing each other in the final.Lena Skiller, Alan Bramely, Eric Lee played Pat South, John Corden, Audrey Porter in the final, the victors being Pat South
John Corden and Audrey Porter.

Bedford Priory Friendly

Thirty one set off on the coach for Bedford, we had a beautiful day for bowling and for those who were not bowling, shopping. Twenty four bowlers took to the green six blocks of four, three blocks won and three blocks lost losing the match on the overall shots. But the result was immaterial we had a wonderful day at Bedford Priory, hospitality was second to none and we look forward to our return fixture in 2018 at King’s Lynn. Thanks Bedford for a great day.

Presidents Day

Sorry!! I am a little bit late in updating the news page. Presidents day was a huge success, lovely weather, lots of bowlers, plenty of fund raising activities, and great food served up by our catering team headed up by Kath and Tony Pinder. Our President (Colin Sunter) was delighted with the money raised on the day and would like to thank everyone who helped make it such a success. The amount raised on the day was in excess of £500 and to add to this will be the proceeds of the Presidents ” FIND THE JOKER”
money raiser that has been running throughout the season. All monies raised will be donated to the Presidents choice of charity RED WELLIES.
The winner of the Presidents Plate after a superb display of bowling was BRIDGET HUNTER well don Bridget.

Holt Friendly

Due to Holt having a fixture congestion (they have reached the semi final of the Durham Cup). They have had to cancel our friendly scheduled for the 6th August. Hopefully we will be able to rearrange for next season. Good luck in the semi’s Holt.

County Badge

Another County Badge to report. Should have been posted before but Christine Abbott was awarded her County Badge earlier in the season. We now have two badge holders in the club, well done Christine and Audrey.

Gents v Ladies

Grudge match!! the Ladies looking for revenge following the earlier season defeat. Unfortunately it was not to be, the men won a close fought contest. But we all enjoyed the afternoons bowling and as usual nobody takes the result to seriously (C’MON THE MEN).

Hockwold Friendly (Return Match)

The return match against Hockwold B C took place on Thursday 20th July. Lovely evening for bowls, friendly club enjoyable company, our Club Captain (Trevor Oakey) said the result was irrelevant (we Won!!) we really enjoyed both games against our new found friends and look forward to next year when we will meet again.