Opening of The Green

At last, some good news amid this awful covid pandemic. We now have the green light to commence outdoor bowls.

Instead of an opening day we will have an opening weekend, this will be the weekend of Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of April. We have decided on two days as this will help to spread the number of bowlers at the club at any one time. On both days the club will be open from 12.00hrs, this will enable old and any new members to complete the necessary admin and pay their dues and of course, very important, to have your free glass of wine and a game of bowls should you so desire.

We are looking forward to welcoming back all our regular members and especially any new bowlers/non bowlers. If you have never bowled and would like to give it a go why don’t you come along, we can supply all necessary equipment you will need and we have a qualified coach who runs regular coaching sessions.

Come on give it a go, guaranteed you will love it.